you are meant to live a life of radiancy.

The Divine Expression Experience Opens Soon...

Welcome, siStar!

I'm your sugary sweet shadow worker, Coach Koko.

Over the years as an EFT Practitioner, Spiritual Self Care Guide & Trauma Informed ACC I have witnessed absolute magick happen within many women's lives who are just. like. YOU.

Feeling burnt out, playing small, staying stuck in the not-so-comfortable zone of familiar people-pleasing or "good girl" roles... but baby- that is NOT YOUR FATE.

In fact, it's because you are here right now reading this that I can tell you with certainty: you are meant for a dynamic, juicy, pleasure-filled life that leaves your soul feeling like a lava lamp!

It just takes one bold, stiletto shaped step at a time

Cause...who doesn't love freebies?