Hi babe, I'm Koko

And I'm so glad you found your way here! 

I firmly believe that nothing happens by accident- so you finding this page was no happy coincidence. You're likely here because you are searching for that something that sets off an alarm bell in your brain and puts a fire in your belly. You're tired of playing small, feeling stuck in the not-so-comfortable zone, or maybe you are just ready to get your well-deserved permission slip to be outrageously YOU.


Be fed up, be angry, be REAL! Because along with my sacred space holding, you are about to break free from your people-pleasing, "good girl" tendencies and unleash your messy, vibrant, humanness. And it's not because I've already done this with so many spectacular humans, but because before them, I did it for MYSELF.

Raised in a "traditional" household where women were taught to be out of touch, ashamed of, & disconnected from their bodies- I became the complacent "good girl". But good under who's standards?!


Good at being influenced, good at falling in line, good at putting my needs last, good at swallowing my discomfort, good at never speaking up.


But NONE of that felt good for me.

After traumatic sexual assault and a domestic violent relationship- I found myself just barely a young woman living as a mere shade of who I wanted to be and completely afraid of the world.


I was "good" so why did I end up in such BAD situations?

How could I ever feel safe in my body again?

How could I ever take up space when being seen got me so hurt?

All those BS stories I had been living out for YEARS came to a screeching halt when I finally said "F*CK THAT! I'm taking my power back!"

Years later, I became a Certified EFT Practitioner, Trauma Informed ACC, & Spiritual Self Care Guide who has tapped into her Creatrix gifts of bringing to life transformational programs for women, her inner party animal who loves to host unique events for her collective, her badass sensual & sexually liberated lingerie model, & most importantly: I evolved into the woman with a deep respect for sacred sisterhood and the capacity to hold space for women doing the most incredible work that can be done... taking her power back.


The Sisterhood

A Community Of Badass Babes Creating Vibrant Lives

The Carnelian Sisterhood is a self identifying women's community that is founded on the teaching of the Sacred Circle- no one is above or below, we all sit side by side. 

We all have stories to tell, wisdom to share, gifts to embrace.

The Sisterhood is our community space where we host workshops, classes, events & more to connect with like-minded women embracing the value of feminine connection. 

More Coming Soon