Learn more about which friend you are in your group of SiStars with the fun quiz results down below!



FOMO is just not in the vocabulary for these friends. Getting the snapchats and occasional facetimes is all the M.I.A really needs to feel connected in the day-to-day. This isn't because the M.I.A doesn't care, they would just much rather be present for big moments. Because of their desire to create meaningful memories with those they care deeply for, they may find themselves to be a bit particular about who they really spend their time with. The M.I.A may tend to connect best with others when one on one.


"The Muse"

Passionate just doesn't do justice when describing the way The Muse puts their heart into everything. Especially their relationships! Their emotional depth is so otherworldly, sometimes they deal with coming off as overbearing or "too much" for some. But those who are close to The Muse, know it is that exact intensity that makes them so magnetic! The Muse will often feel most connected to their friends when getting creative with one another or doing things that encourage each other's self expression.


"The Event Planner"

The Event Planner is always the first to know about birthdays, anniversaries, and anything else needing celebrating. With all the hottest trends, playlists, and (let's be honest) the best style to boot, it's really no surprise that The Event Planner's friends are always in for a good time. Rain or shine! The Event Planner may be seen as a bit of a social butterfly but also makes sure their friends feel seen, loved, & celebrated! The Event Planner probably sees themselves having the ultimate blast when with their crew, surrounded by a concert crowd! 


"The Partner In Crime"

Do you need a friend always a phone call away who will show up and keep the fun alive on even the most boring of days? Guilty as charged for The Partner In Crime. Whether it's a trip to the laundry mat or to a theme park, The Partner In Crime is the one to call and be sure to have a blast with. This may be because The Partner In Crime doesn't get hung up on the details and typically likes to take things as they come. The always down & a bit of a clown! Connecting with this friend type isn't hard as long as you can keep up with them and their vibrant ideas!


"The Advice Column"

Partner problems, work issues, needing a place to stay? The Advice Column is never further than a text or phone call away. Wiser beyond their years, The Advice Column seems to somehow always know what to say and will do their best to offer support. This is usually because The Advice Column has been through quite the journey themselves and came out of it with a deeper sense of connection. Making them the best for connecting on a deep level with activites like singing together, writing thoughtful notes, or maybe even through spiritual modalities like tarot readings!


"Hostess With The Mostest"

Dinner invite? Bet it's from The Hostess With The Mostest! And it's probably to the hottest new restaurant in town. These friend types are always creating some kind of fun experience for their crew and somehow always has epic stories to fill the scene with too. Usually, a mish-mosh of eccentric individuals surround The Hostest With The Mostest, this is likely because of their ability to freely express themselves no matter where they go or who they're with. Always open to new things, but likely won't go too far without knowing their peeps can be included! The Hostess With The Mostest is probably connecting with a small group in a uniquely lit, happening new place they just had to check out!


"The Rebel Woman"

So, The Rebel Woman might be a little unconventional but that's why we love them! Walking to the beat of their own drum is just what they do and they don't mind drawing a little curiousity from it either! Watching just about anything they do become an ordeal makes them the best pal to have around for a laugh. Not for the faint of heart though- The Rebel Woman is often referred to as "a bit much" or "a bit of a clown" to people who don't appreciate how much guts it takes to be the Black Sheep with a whole lot of pride! The Rebel Woman is connecting with their buds best when protesting something they see as outrageous or putting on an impromptu comedic performance!


"The Influencer"

What cool thing is the Influencer up to right now? Check out their socials, because this friend type sure is social! Phone always buzzing, they are Queen of the amazing restaurant reviews, best deals for online shopping, and first to request an e-vite to the party of a lifetime! The Influencer is a social butterfly and likely part of a few different friend groups but don't let that fool you into thinking they're not super loyal! Always sharing your work and lending a like button on your posts, The Influencer is always up to date on what's going on with you and awesome at connecting for a text chat here and there!

Mostly BD

"The Hugger"

Like they fell right out of a vintage romance film, The Hugger has a way of seeing the world with some funky rose-colored glasses. With a heart of gold, this friend type stays at the ready to support their crew with arms wide open. Their sugary personality is sometimes so sweet, people don't always know what to do with this kind of love and kindness. This sometimes makes them a target for being called "fake" or "naive". But The Hugger just blows the haters a kiss & kills them with kindness. This warm friend type couldn't possibly change up who they are or let the world turn them cold. The Hugger is connecting best cuddled up somewhere peaceful with their bestie watching a classic. 


"The Crowd Pleaser"

Ready to have the night of your life? Good thing you called The Crowd Pleaser! This friend type is all about living life to the fullest, trying new things, and making each day something memorable. Whether they mean to be or not, they always end up on the scene of something fun! The Crowd Pleaser has a tendency of getting attention drawn to them, good or bad but they certainly can handle a little spotlight. As long as they are sure to live for themselves and not get lost in too much of a good time, The Crowd Pleaser makes for the ideal friend for those spontaneous GNOs! And don't worry, they'll have tons of people to introduce you to when you get there!