Personalized Growth Pathway

Read below to discover your #TCS archetype and find a personalized pathway best suited for your journey! Of course, you can always click "view all" to see all of the electric self growth materials available from The Carnelian Sisterhood


The Wanderluster

The bold, the adventure chaser, the one who seeks a great perhaps.


Enjoying the little treasures that life has to offer, you may find yourself pondering how there's so much world and so little time to explore it. Always thinking about the next place or thing to check off your bucket list, you may find yourself having a hard time sitting still. The motion and excitement of life is what brings you peace, your spirit thrives in moments of experiencing new things while feeling free of limitations.


The Lofty Creative

Life is the muse for The Lofty Creative

Finding the depth, passion, and art in every nook and cranny in each given moment. However, this immense perceptive trait, you may at times find yourself feeling overwhelmed with your own emotions or the emotions of others. When you're able to step outside of fear and observe objectively, you access your natural gifts of awareness and insight that lead you to extravagant opportunities or places. Deep like an ocean, feelings of true contentment may come for you when you feel your work life, personal life, & home life are in balance and flow.


Agent Provocateur

Always on "the scene" and making an entrance!

Never afraid to turn heads or create a little buzz, you find yourself the center of attention quite frequently as a great conversationalist, companion, and all-around stellar connector. The spotlight can have its downfalls though when attracting people with bad intentions or dealing with negative nelly's who can really dull your shine. Yet, your best accessory is your smile. So when embracing your self-worth, self-expression, and the more pleasurable things in life, you'll be showing up as the sheer BOMBSHELL we all know you are.


The Free Spirit

Boredom is simply not an option.

You might find yourself getting into something new & exciting on a regular basis. Whether you try to or not, you just seem to manage to be up to some activity that would be excitedly crossed off someone else's bucket list. Because of this, you frequently spike the curiosity of those around you. Living in the moment can look so fascinating to those who aren't quite used to that! Sometimes though, you manage to get so swept away with your day, you'll feel you have no idea where it went. Life tends to provide more bliss for The Free Spirit when finding a happy medium between soaking up the fun and being mindful of each moment.


Divination Darling

An old soul & a youthful spirit

Protecting your inner peace is important as a Diviniation Darling. You understand that life is so rich with so much to offer, so long as we can open our (third) eye and see it! In tune, insightful, and so deeply connected to the more mystical things in life. However, this may present some struggle with feeling as though you have equal footing as above, so below! As long as you remember to enjoy your experience and allow the physical to compliment your spiritual world, you find yourself in flow & manifesting a reality that resembles that of your dreams. 


Psychedelic Sweetheart

Good vibes is an understatement for this groovy chick! 

Full of love to give, your heart might just be bigger than your smile but that's still unconfirmed! You seem to manage to be available for a big hug or a call sayin "just thinking of you" for your loved ones whenever they're in need, it's basically a superpower. But having such an extravagant heart can sometimes leave you feeling like your kindness is being mistaken for weakness. When you are fierce with your boundaries though, you find you have the best good lovin' energy to give to yourself and to shower those around you who are deserving.