EFT Tap Map | My Home Is Where I Wander (for leaving the comfort zone)


Before you begin, say out loud "It's scary leaving my comfort zone", track any charge that shows up in your body. Notice it & number it on a scale of 1-10. When you complete the tapping, do this again and see how true that statement still feels.

There's a big world out there for you to see- take the first step by clearing any blockages with this following EFT Tapping...

the world is a scary place

it's so big

and I'm so small

when I think about how small I am compared to the world

I get overwhelmed

my brain sometimes can't even make sense of it

the thought makes me want to run & hide

in my comfort zone

in my safe place

where I can cozy up & let the world go by

in my safe space,

I don't have to take on any new obstacles

face any new challenges

or have to grow into a better version of myself

which, since I've done it before,

I know can be a painful process

growing pains, as they say

in my safe space

there's nothing I'm not ready for

in this space, I got shit on LOCK

even if I'm not running the game

I feel comfortable here because I know what to expect

there are no surprises

cause if I don't know what to expect, I won't know how to be safe

or at least, that's the story I've been telling myself

what if I can carry this comfort

of knowin' I got this on LOCK

into the world a bit more unknown?

Because even though in the past,

I convinced myself that comfortable meant good for me

I deeply & completely, love & accept & forgive myself

Because I realize that this just isn't always true

when I think back for a moment some really amazing memories

I can surely think of a few that took place beyond my comfort zone

sometimes, we get jitters before something amazing is about to happen

like butterflies before a kiss

or the rush of a rollercoaster ride

in a way, these are both freefalls

putting ourselves out there

not truly knowing how it could all turn out

but we do it anyway because we know

sometimes the reward is greater than the risk

I don't want to miss out on my chances because of fear

I don't want to deny the beautiful things

the universe conspired for me

because they showed up for a reason

because I am ready for it

because I have the tools I need within me

and divine celestial beings rooting me along the ride

There's often resistance that can be met

when shifting into the vibration of greater things

But I am releasing that resistance

right here, right now

So now that I have shifted into growth mode

I deeply & completely

love, accept, & forgive myself

Because I know it may not always be easy

but my life is worth it

I am proud of myself for meeting this resistance

and transmuting like a BOSS

cause next time I need to shift into growth mode

it'll be nothing new

& imagine just how proud I'll be

once I see where this growth zone takes me

so mote it be!!!!


Finish this tap off with lots of water, put some food in your belly or your feet in some grass, & relax with this tune...

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